Bezel Arabia Workshop (Aramco Certified) is located at Jubail Light Industrial Area equipped with Valve Test Rigs (for testing of Mechanical Valves, Control Valves & Safety Valves),Portable Lapping Machine (For On and Off-Site ) Grinding & Lapping of Seat area for all types of Valves, Lathe Machine etc. to undertake testing and repairing of Valves. All Valve related services offered by Bezel Arabia shall conform to API, ASME, ANSI and other international Standards to specifically cater to the growing demands of SABIC,SAUDI ARAMCO & other industries.

BEZEL V & I Division offers full range of On and Off Site Services for Valve refurbishment with an emphasis on turnaround and Shutdown. Our Workshop Staff includes well qualified Engineers & Technicians who are competent in the Valve Industry.


We offer the following types of Valve conditioning services:

      Annual Maintenance Contracts for all types of Valves Reconditioning.

      Valves Repairing & Testing during Annual Turn around (ATA)

      Shut Down and Emergency Valves Maintenance.

      Safety Valves Recalibration & Testing (Pop Test)

      Overhauling of all types of Valves

      Seat Leak Test for all kinds of Valves

      Lapping of Gate, Globe, Check & Safety Valves using Lapping Machine (EFCO, Germany)

Repair & Calibration of Field Instruments

      Repair and calibration of all kinds of field equipments, Instruments controllers, gauges, valves, transmitters etc.