Every employee of Bezel Arabia shall endeavor to ensure satisfaction of our customers by providing them the best value in every product and service that carries the name of Bezel Arabia. We shall achieve customer satisfaction by:


  Recognizing that quality is the direct responsibility of every individual.


  Fulfilling all the specified and implied needs of the customers.


  Fully meeting all our commitments on time, every time.


  Operating at all our work places in a safe and healthy environment.


  Continuously enhancing our skills and know-how through training, etc.


  Encouraging involvement of personnel towards improvement and achievement of organization’s objectives


  Creating mutually beneficial relationship with suppliers & clients.


  Continually improving the effectiveness of the quality management system and conducting periodic reviews of this quality policy for continuing stability.


  Unit managers are responsible to establish quality objectives for the various functions & processes under their business unit as follows:


 In-time submission of quotations.

 Increase in sales volume.

 Improve customer satisfaction survey results.

Recruitment & Selection of staff :

 Design JD (job description) as per the job requirement.

 Recruit right candidates.

 Assign the staff as per requirement.

Procurement  :

 Timely arrival of all ordered materials.

 Reduction in material rejections during receipt inspection by procuring proper quality materials.

Operation & Logistics :

 Timely procurement and supply of materials requested tools.

 Avoid redundancy and wastage of materials, equipment and tools .

 Storage of material, equipment, tools etc., in safe and designated places.

Execution :

 Meeting or exceeding delivery commitments.

 Ensuring reduction in non-conformances.